Karah Pedersen Profile in Project Development

February 15, 2017
If there is one aspect of Karah Pedersen’s life that seems different than most, it could be that she is rarely happier than when she is working with other health professionals who are committed to developing solutions that not only make the organization better, but which also make the world a better place. Over her nearly 15-year career, she has come to appreciate the most complex problems, to the point that she does much of her best work in those situations She is rarely happier than when she has been faced with a dilemma that most would consider impossible.

Most would agree that, among Karah Pedersen’s skills are best when it comes to building capacity, health education and management. However, they are also impressed with her ability to make sure that all knowledge, including new discoveries, is shared with all others who could potentially benefit. Karah has built up an impressive record as a health project director and senior strategist. Based on that record, she has been able to guide global organizations to achieve impressive growth. They often achieve more than even they though possible.

It is quite possible that Karah Pedersen’s results-oriented management style and her excellent leadership skills, which she has developed throughout her long career in the global health and development field is what makes her special. Karah feels that the development of as many strong relationships with as many stakeholders in an organization is enormously important because it’s important to get everyone,, including senior executives, partners and venture capitalists and other investors, working on the same page. Another great strength Karah Pedersen has comes with her proven ability to manage people and to implement new programs. That is why she is unafraid to shake things up and change everything that needs to be changed to move an organization forward.